We have a range of consultations that can be conducted in-store to assist with your health. Our staff have years of experience in health and wellbeing. Our services are designed to save you time and worry, making it easier to look after yourself.

  • Asthma - We will talk to you about how you take your asthma medications; staying active and healthy, and avoiding triggers where possible. We can discuss your written Asthma Action Plan.
  • Blood Pressure - Blood Pressure Monitoring and advice from fully trained staff.
  • Bowel Screening - BowelScreen Australia is a pharmacy-based bowel cancer awareness, education and screening program for the Australian community using a clinically proven, sensitive and reliable immunochemical faecal occult blood test.
  • Cholesterol - Cholesterol testing and advice from fully trained staff.
  • Diabetes MedsCheck - An in-pharmacy review with a focus on the patient’s type 2 diabetes medicines management, monitoring devices, education and self-management. This service is targeted at patients who are unable to gain timely access to other diabetes education or health services in their community. It aims to optimize a patient’s effective use of medicine, blood glucose monitoring and blood glucose control. This is achieved through improving understanding of, and compliance with, their diabetes medication therapy and through training and education.
  • MedsCheck  - An in-pharmacy review of a patient’s medicines. It focuses on education and self-management, aiming to identify problems that the patient may be experiencing with their medicines, help them learn more about their medicines, improve their effective use of medicines and educate them about how to best store their medicines.
  • Weight Loss - The journey to weight loss is different for everyone. We can assist you with lifestyle and nutritional advice as well as a range of products and services to suit your everyday life. 
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