July 31st 2018

Takes the worry out of taking medication.

The Multi Dose Webster-pak is a sealed weekly calendar pack designed to help people take their medication correctly, according to doctor's orders. All regular medication that needs to be taken each week is sealed within the blister compartments.

A Webster-Pak will help you remember when to take the right medicine at the right time. It will also:
* Help you manage your medicines better
* Reduce the chance of forgetting to take your medicine
* Reduce the chance of taking your medicine incorrectly
* It is simple, convenient and portable
* Suitable for all age groups                                                                                                        

The wonderful pharmacists at Campbell & Freebairn can dispense your medication into a Webster-pak which is sealed to prevent spilling or medications being mixed up.

The Webster-pak is designed to be as simple as possible.

Come in and talk to our wonderful staff to see how we can assist you with your medications today.

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