Are you sick of getting sick?

May 9th 2018

Did you know on average children have up to 8 colds and adults up to 4 colds per year?

How can we help to get you well AND keep you well?


 Are you unwell at the moment?

* Inner Health Plus: probiotics to boost body’s immune system and repopulate your good gut bacteria

* Immune Defence: use twice a day to speed up recovery. Excellent formula of nutrients

* Extra C Zingles: tasty combination of zinc and Vitamin C. Both boost healing and immunity


 Do you ‘always’ get a nasty cold in winter?

* Inner Health Immune Booster, the probiotics for immunity, AND Immune Defence, one a day as a preventative.


 Do you want to maintain a healthy immune system for the whole family?

* Inner Health Plus capsule, for everybody everyday


Are you zinc deficient?

* Zinc Fix to restore zinc levels and Zinc Maintain to stay at the right level.

* And we are happy to now have Mega Zinc 40mg Powder, raspberry flavoured. Mega Zinc Powder has Zinc and Vitamin C and some Vitamin Bs. And really does taste quite good!


Please ask us how we can help you stay well this winter.