September 2020

August 27th 2020

Spring has sprung and we are talking to many people about hayfever, itchy skin and other allergen health problems. Avoiding the triggers is of course the best option but when that’s out of the question we can offer a suite of products to ease the symptoms. Not all antihistamines, creams & lotions and nasal & eye drops are suitable for everyone. Please talk to one of our five pharmacists to tailor your treatment.

We have welcomed back Vicki Kellow to our team. Vicki and Andrew have been caravanning all over the country but couldn’t stay away from Inverell!

We wish Sarah and Jacob Tan our very best wishes as Sarah finishes up working this month. Their first baby is due in October. Good Luck!

This Month’s Super Specials Catalogue runs from 3rd-23rd September. Purchase any item from the catalogue and enter online to WIN a Series 5 Apple Watch.

Healthy regards,

Brendon, Emma & Justine