'Tis the Season

November 29th 2018


Christmas can be a crazy time in all aspects of our lives. Here’s a few suggestions to dial back the stress and put the festive back in your season.


Tired, agitated and down?

B vitamins are used for the production of brain chemicals, stress hormones and energy. A multi B vitamin that contains at least 50mg of each B vitamin may help you keep your cool.

Tense, anxious and sleepless?

Magnesium’s essential for muscle relaxation and energy production, and magnesium can also help with stress support and sleep. Look for an easily absorbed magnesium diglycinate form.

Run-down, overwhelmed and exhausted?

Ginsengs are famous for supporting energy levels and balancing the stress response. There are five Ginsengs from around the world and ginsengs tends to work better together, so look for a supplement that contains all five.

Frazzled, foggy and flat?

Fish oils are needed for healthy brain function, which may help when you’re feeling the pressure. Look for high strength, molecularly distilled fish oil from cold water fish.


A recent study into the biggest contributors to a Merry Christmas made the following three suggestions:

  1. Focus on family and friends. Enjoy spending time with the people that you love- have a laugh, share a meal, make new traditions and memories. It doesn’t need to be extravagant, simple is best.
  2. Minimise materialism. Focus less on gifts and more on gratitude. Less on expensive presents and more on expressing love. The best gifts often cost very little.
  3. Give more. Make it your quest to make someone else’s Christmas special. Donate to charity, volunteer at a charity, visit a retirement village, or drop off an anonymous hamper. Learning to give is a big part of the reason for the season.