Covid-19 Rapid Test Access Program

January 21st 2022

Pharmacies can only participate ONCE THEY HAVE RECEIVED RAT STOCK.

We do not expect our stock to arrive before late FEBRUARY.

The Commonwealth Program starts on 24th January 2022.

Once we can participate, the Program states:
Commonwealth Concession card holders can access

  • A minimum of TWO tests per individual
  • A Maximum of FIVE tests over a ONE month period
  • A Maximum of TEN tests over the THREE month period

(Program runs from 24/1/22 to 30/4/22)

We will need to see your valid Concession, Pension or DVA card.
We will record the supply on an approved Pharmacy program.

We are feeling as frustrated about the Supply problems as you are. Thank you for your understanding of this difficult issue.

Please phone 02 6722 3089 if you have any questions.