Allergic reactions don't need to rule your life

November 21st 2018

Are your eyes red and watery?

Is your throat or the roof of your mouth itchy?

Do you have a runny or blocked nose?

Campbell & Freebairn pharmacist Brendon is quick to remind us that prevention is key in the allergy season battle. Here is Brendon’s rundown on allergy prevention, treatment and professional help:

  • Get the right diagnosis
  • Be ready
  • Make a date in your head for next year
  • Safety

The discussion should not be brief to prescribe allergy medication. No-one needs to be taking medications unnecessarily. Depending on how your allergy symptoms present, this is how we will target your treatment.

Think ahead for next year. Be ready for allergy season by making a date in your head. When do your allergy symptoms commence? We will start you on a preventative nasal spray a couple of weeks prior to that. We try to avoid the itching, watering congestion symptoms and most importantly, the progression of symptoms that can result in a sinus infection, antibiotics, time off work plus recovery.

Early prevention products include:

  • Saline rinses which are effective at clearing congestion from the sinus passages.
  • De-congestants in nasal spray form or tablets.
  • Anti-histamines. Easily the most effective are the long-acting, once daily, non-drowsy formulas. If you need more later in the day you can have a day-time, night-time hay fever relief program.

For those with a long allergy season history, longer than a week or two, a preventative nasal spray which is based on cortisone is the way to go. In this case you take these every day so that you won’t end up with sinus problems next week. These continue until your known allergy season is over.

This year, we are seeing a lot of allergic conjunctivitis which causes red eyes and nasty itching behind the eyes. Anti-histamines help with this, but the anti-allergy eye-drops give the best results.

Whatever the allergy symptoms you are presenting with, we want to make sure that we tailor the treatment to your needs and the times that you will experience an allergic reaction. There are some allergy medications that are safe for use during pregnancy.

All our staff at Campbell & Freebairn are equipped with the knowledge to help you. From diagnosis through to referral to experienced help, we will assist you to make the right decisions surrounding allergy season.

Call in and see us at 66 Otho Street, Inverell or call (02) 6722 3089.